The 5-Step Mortgage Power Process

Step One:  Understand your situation

The Mortgage Power Process™ begins with understanding your situation. This includes not only gathering the essential information about the purchase or refinance of your home—such as price, loan value, and down payment—but also gaining clarity about your current life situation: your personal needs and financial goals.

Step Two:  Identify a financial solution

In this step, a crucial matchmaking occurs between (1) your personal needs and financial goals and (2) the appropriate mortgage product and lender. The Streisand Team’s extensive knowledge of the underwriting requirements of more than 30 lenders increases the likelihood of closing with the optimal mortgage product and at the best interest rate. You will be clear about available options so you can make a fully informed decision. You will also be introduced to a mortgage strategy that may support you in building your wealth.

Step Three:  Process your loan

We provide closing certainty in this step, and you will gain a clear understanding of upcoming events in the process: approximately how long it will take, and those things that may deter the process. The Streisand Team has an expert understanding of what the underwriters expect, so we can better anticipate any potential problems that may extend the process or lead to a denial of the loan.

Step Four: Close your loan

In this step, you will complete your purchase or refinance. We continue working with you to make this step seamless, informative, and stress free. Prior to the formal closing, we verify and confirm all the final costs required to close your loan, so there are no surprises at the closing.

Step Five: Manage your mortgage—your gateway to financial security and wealth accumulation

While the formal closing may seem to be the final step, managing a mortgage properly is an ongoing process. We monitor economic changes and interest rate movements to ensure your mortgage solution remains optimal. This service is yet another value-add that differentiates The Streisand Team from others. On an annual basis, we review your mortgage structure to ensure that you are still in the best program in light of current financial goals, personal needs, and market conditions. Our commitment is to support you with strategies that offer continued financial growth and stability while unleashing the power of your mortgage to help you accumulate wealth.