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In my book, Mortgage Power - An Asset in the Making, I not only show you some amazing facts about how you can manage your mortgage to reach financial independence, but I also take you on a journey….

During this journey, you will gain new insights into the mortgage process. You will discover and come to understand financial opportunities that you never knew existed, and you will see these opportunities as valuable enough to inspire what I call an “aha!” moment, which takes place when you recognize a tremendous opportunity that will bring you significant financial gain. Possibly you might experience such a moment while walking along the beach, when, looking down, you spot a gold nugget lying in the sand.

In Mortgage Power - An Asset in the Making, I show you how the mortgage process works, why you should select an adjustable rate mortgage, how to buy a home with a limited down payment, and why you should own and not rent. I present clear examples—real-world case studies showing how a mortgage can be used to accumulate wealth. I also show how the lowest interest rate does not translate to the best mortgage, why it is important to select a competent mortgage professional, and why it is critical that you develop a cadre of professionals who are not only competent but that also care about you personally.

When we finish our journey together, you will have learned all the critical facts about mortgages—how to acquire them, how to manage them, and which one is best for your needs. You will have all the tools  you need to manage your mortgage proactively, and to convert your biggest liability into your biggest asset.

The methods I outline in Mortgage Power - An Asset in the Making, when properly employed, will allow you to accomplish not only financial success, but also success in life more generally.

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4-Step Mortgage Process

  • Build a safety reserve.

    Every client must have a safety reserve for the day-to-day emergencies that life brings. While this reserve will vary with each person and family, it should never be less than three months of monthly recurring expenses.

  • Pay installment or revolving debt.

    This type of debt, which includes credit cards, is expensive and should be avoided since it is extremely destructive to your ability to accumulate wealth.

  • Accumulate liquid assets.

    Through the utilization of a plan, accumulate assets equal to at least one year’s earnings. These funds are available for the uncertainties of life or unique investment opportunities.

  • Own your home but with a mortgage.

    Your plan allows you to accumulate wealth in investment vehicles. Here your investment assets are the vehicles you use to pay your mortgage. The tax advantages of this strategy serve YOU, not to the IRS, allowing you to control your money.